CourtSmart by LeoTraining

CourtSmart is easy to understand, logical to implement and is relevant to your everyday work.

We have spent many years professionalizing police. Our training and resources help prevent officers from getting sued and make them more likely to win lawsuits.

What does your department get with CourtSmart?

The Illinois Officers Legal Source Books and the 2021 Supplement

This is a comprehensive explanation of constitutional criminal procedure, including search and seizure, interviews and interrogations, identifications including showups and physical lineups, testifying, civil liability and report writing.

  • Hard Copies
  • E-Books
  • 4th & 5th Amendment
  • Section 1983 Issues

Monthly CourtSmart Publication

These publications include current case law analysis and how it directly affects Illinois officers.

We will explain the implications of each case, how they should be interpreted, and how you, as officers can handle tough situations while being both "Street Smart" AND "CourtSmart".

In addition to the monthly publication, your department will also have access to all previous CourtSmart publications upon subscribing

Monthly CourtSmart Exams

Officers will take monthly exams to determine that they have read and understood the material. Supervisors can also get access to all of the officer’s exams.


CourtSmart can work with your MTU (Mobile Training Unit) to help certify your officers. CourtSmart provides a monthly publication and exam that can be submitted to your MTU, and ultimately ILETSB for select mandate certification approval.

CourtSmart has met the guidelines for the following State of Illinois legislative-mandated subject areas:

  • Law Updates
  • Use of Force
  • Civil Rights
  • Constitutional & proper use of Law Enforcement Authority
  • Human Rights
  • Procedural Justice
  • Lead Homicide Investogator
  • Cultural Competency

Seminars, Videos & Officer Q&A


We are planning free CourtSmart (subscriber) seminars for the summer. They will focus on important United States Supreme Court cases and other issues of importance to departments.

Officers Questions

We try to answer the many officers' questions we get from subscribing departments. We are the only entity that answers questions that we are aware of. We are considering including a question from an officer each month (not revealing the officer's name) and then answering it the next month.


We are going to do videos as that was the most requested addition to CourtSmart. We will explain new issues as well those in the past. One reason we are focusing primarily on constitutional issues is that many new departments have come on. Also, there are more what ifs in constitutional law than anywhere else. If you change one word in a scenario, it changes the law and the answer. So, we will be teaching the 99% rules and the exceptions as best we can.

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