CourtSmart by LeoTraining

CourtSmart is easy to understand, logical to implement and is relevant to your everyday work. We have spent many years professionalizing police and keeping officers from getting sued and make them more likely to win lawsuits. With CourtSmart you get all of the following:

The 2018-19 Illinois Officers Legal Source Books

(Hard Copies and E-Books) includes 4th and 5th Amendment, practical issues and Civil Liability / Section 1983 issues.

Monthly CourtSmart Publication

These publications include current case law analysis and how it directly affects Illinois officers. We will explain the implications of each case, how they should be interpreted, and how you, as officers can handle tough situations while being both "Street Smart" AND "CourtSmart".

In addition to the monthly publication, your department will also have access to all previous CourtSmart publications upon subscribing. See a sample publication here

Click here to see a sample publication

Monthly CourtSmart Exams

Officers will take monthly exams to determine that they have read and understood the material. Supervisors can also get access to all of the officer’s exams.

Responses to questions from officers in your department and much more!